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The Cellular Industry Claims Cells Phones Are Safe.

Exactly How Safe is *Safe*?

With each passing day, cell phone usage around the world expands. At the same time, evidence continues to mount against cell phone safety.


Scientists caution that the blind rush to declare cell phones safe may likely bring disastrous results. Blaming inadequate research and too many studies slanted towards the cellular industry's financial interests, the truth remains hidden.


What can you do to protect yourself and your family?


If you must use a cell phone, first and foremost, use it only with a safe headset.


Second, make sure your cell phone is among the lowest radiation emitting phones. The Environmental Working Group, a national nonprofit research and advocacy organization, publishes radiation emission rates of phones on its website. Click here to see how yours measures up.

When it comes to cancer and many other diseases,

an ounce of prevention is worth infinite pounds of cure.

Too often, there is no cure.

Consider Passing on the Cell Phone

(for Your Children and Teens, Anyway)

Please consider not consenting to let your children and teens have a cell phone at all. Or at a minimum to only use it in extreme emergencies.


Scientists are becoming increasingly concerned about the possible impact of cell phone usage on children, because their skull is thinner and their brain is still developing, compared to adults. It's not until around age 20 that a child's brain is fully developed.


Even as an adult who values optimal health, you should consider steps to protect yourself from the potentially damaging effects of EMF radiation from your cell phone.


When you use a cell phone, radiation energy is emitted from the antenna and absorbed by your brain. Have you noticed how hot your phone feels after a 20-minute call? Just how much energy is being released?


Here are some interesting facts:



Japan has banned cell phone use on trains to cut down on "second hand radiation".


A cell call lasting just 2 minutes can alter the natural electrical activity of a child's brain for up to ONE HOUR!


When you use a cell phone, seventy percent of the energy (in the form of radio frequency radiation) from the antenna is being absorbed straight into your head!

























Effects Seen in Thermographic Imaging

Now for the first time, through the use of thermographic imaging, scientists can see the changes take place internally after just a 15-minute phone call.


Instead of dominant 'cool' blues and greens that show when you're not influenced by cell phone radiation, after 15 minutes of cell use they see reds, yellows and oranges which graphically display internal heating of your tissues and cells.


How damaging can this be?


The jury is still out... but many physicians and scientists are suggesting the heavy use of cell phones may be a serious health risk. They

are now urging people to use a headset to keep the antenna away from the brain.


Time will tell whether there is any 'safe' limit for cell phone use.


Until recently scientists believed that cell phone-related interference with brain waves and brain chemistry ended when the call ended. Now they know it can last for up to an hour.

Cell Phone Radiation -- A Growing Concern













     Cell phones emit a radiation plume.


    Most cell phone headsets have a wire that can act like an antenna, and simply make matters



    A great deal of scientific data has been suppressed by the cell phone industry and the

    government to protect their multi-billion dollar profits.



Getting rid of your cell phone is probably not an option these days. Today's cell phones are much more than phones. They can also be your camera, video recorder, hand-held computer, and your lifeline to staying in touch with your work and family.


So, how do you continue to use this convenient device and reduce cell phone radiation?

Cell phone use is pervasive.


That makes your personal use even far more of a concern. Why? Your total radiation exposure is rapidly increasing -- even if you don't use a cell phone. And when you add your personal exposure, it only compounds the problem.


The emission of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) from cell phones continues to become a growing concern. However, you'll not hear the large wireless corporations or the federal government publicly talking about cell phone EMR emission issues.


Why? Big-time profits linked to large powerful corporations. Sound familiar?


5 Ways to Help You Minimize Cell Phone Radiation Emissions

Here are some sound solutions that can help minimize the EMR your phone emits:


1.   Use your cell phone on speakerphone. While this is a great solution and I strongly recommend it, it's simply not practical much of the time. Especially if you are in a public place where rules of discretion and proper etiquette prevail. Another problem is that not all cell phones have speakerphones -- and even those that do may have poor sound quality. I do recommend that if you are choosing a new cell phone, make sure it comes with a speakerphone option.


2.   Always keep your phone as far away from your body as possible. There's a dramatic drop-off in radiation exposure for every inch you keep your phone away from your body.


3.   Get yourself a Blue Tube Headset with an airtube. In my opinion, this new RF3 design with Aircom 2 technology is the best headset on the market. Others may actually increase the amount of radiation emitted.


4.   Limit your cell phone use to the bare minimum. Your cell phone is constantly searching for signals and emitting EMR while you're using it.


5.  Turn off your cell phone when not needed OR keep it a few feet away from your body.  Even when not in use, as long as your phone is turned on, it continually emits EMR as it connects to its base station.



Get the New and Improved Cell Phone

Accessory You Need to Help Reduce EMR

The telecommunications industry is constantly deluged with new devices being marketed and sold that claim to reduce the amount of radiation during cellular phone use. When it comes to cell phone headsets, don't be fooled by false claims.


It's simple -- the further away your phone and all electronic components are from your head, the better. The new Blue Tube Headset with advanced Aircom 2 technology was developed with simple physics in mind to keep radiation to a minimum.


The main advantage of using an airtube headset, like the Blue Tube, comes from incorporating an acoustic exchange principle (similar to a doctor's stethoscope) to eliminate using a wire all the way to a headset earpiece that can emit microwaves.


By replacing the typical wire found in nearly all cell phone headsets with this revolutionary airtube technology, the Blue Tube Headset helps you reduce radiation emissions.


Plus, the new and improved Blue Tube Headset features advanced acoustic technology, delivering safe, superior communication, and hassle-free use by combining the following state-of-the-art features:


    Enhanced speaker for louder, clearer sound


    Specially designed internal wiring system that reduces feedback and distortion


    More ergonomic positioning -- the sound chamber hangs freely in the air between your cheek and collar bone, reducing contact

    with your body


And now, our newest Blue Tube Headset sounds better than ever with dual earbuds and full stereo sound.


With a new manufacturer making our New and Improved Blue Tube Headsets, you can expect even higher quality than before.


Our New and Improved Blue Tube Headset will now become the new standard by which all new headsets will be measured.

This sleek and sophisticated headset will have your friends asking where they can order one, too.

Solid Reasons Why We Recommend the Blue Tube Headset

As cellular phone use increases throughout the world, so do concerns about overall cell phone radiation emissions.


I highly recommend the New and Improved Blue Tube Headset specifically with this in mind. It is durable and won't quickly wear out on you. And it's so comfortable you will actually enjoy wearing it. Plus, it sounds great!




Here are the reasons why I recommend the New and Improved Blue Tube Headset:


         Helps minimize your EMR emissions -- features the RF3 Aircom 2 patented technology.


         Delivers you state of the art, crystal clear sound – with dual earbuds you receive

         high-clarity stereo sound using advanced acoustic technology through air-filled wireless

         tubes and advanced sound chambers.


         Delivers you trouble-free day-after-day operation.


For those of you who like the convenience and freedom of movement that comes with using a hands-free kit, the Blue Tube Headset offers you one of the most convenient and safest alternatives on the marketplace today.


Both the airtubes and earpieces contain no metal conductors -- reducing the radiation otherwise present in typical hands-free units.


This headset is backed by the highest level of quality from our new manufacturer.



Bluetooth Wireless Headsets Are NOT the Answer

Bluetooth wireless headsets are even worse than regular ones. Why? Because the wire is replaced with a transmitter and receiver operating with low power at frequency levels between 900 MHz to 2.4 GHz.


The maximum frequencies for wireless products compliant with Bluetooth specifications are 2.497 GHz. The frequency power of wireless headsets rivals that of microwave ovens, which also operate at 2.4 GHz.


And, while in a few cases emission may be lessened by the use of a cell phone headset or earpiece, it may not reduce radiation enough. This means that even a product that offers up to 70 percent reduction in EMR is not nearly as effective as it seems.


I doubt you'll find as much radiation reduction in other headsets on the market. The Blue Tube Headset advantage is clearly illustrated below.



                                       Conventional Headsets Brain Effect

Conventional Headsets use wire to deliver sound to the earpiece and may also emit electromagnetic radiation.

The Life Blue Tube advanced Aircom2 technology delivers the clearest sound achievable through an air-filled wireless tube that reduces the emission of radiation.

Don't put off providing you and your family with the best cell phone headset on the market that helps minimize EMR emissions. Do yourself a favor and help your family take advantage of this incredible product today.

BlueTube 3.5 mm Headset




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Eliminates dangerous radiation!


Fail-proof protection from EMF radiation


Absolutely ZERO radiation!


Excellent sound quality!


Scientifically engineered technology!


Proven Effectiveness!


High Quality materials!


Safe for use while driving (however don't violate

the law only use one earbud)


100% protection from toxic EMFs!


Life Blue Tube Benefits


We are so confident that you will be more than satisfied with your purchase of our Blue Tube Headsets, we are providing a 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you can try them risk free!






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